Your brain can’t tell the difference between a real performance and an imagined one. You can use this to your advantage by doing mental run-throughs of your concert or audition repertoire and getting your subconscious used to performance situations before ever stepping out on stage.

  • - Reduce nerves and stage fright
  • - Increase performance confidence
  • - Increase focus


Decide what you’re going to run through (a segment, whole movement, or the whole performance), and sit comfortably in a quiet space without your instrument.


Close your eyes and begin to imagine the performance venue (if you’ve never played there before, see if you can get a picture).
Try and picture every detail:

- How light/dark is it?
- How big is the space?
- Where are you on stage?
- How many people are there?
- Can you see them?
- What are you wearing?
- Can you feel your clothes?
- Do you feel warm or cold?
- How does your instrument feel in your hands?


Play through what you’ve chosen in your head as if it was the ideal concert.

- Hear your incredible sound and feel what it’s like to make it.
- “Play” each phrase as you’ve imagined and practised it.
- Keep in mind all the musical aspects of your "performance": phrasing, colours, tempo, timing, etc.


Notice how you feel after the “performance” and how your body has reacted to the practice. For best results, start this practice at least 2 weeks before a performance, but don't overdo it as this is very mentally tiring!

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