Zoom Out

Struggling with high levels of anxiety, stage fright, or overthinking right before a performance? Use this quick exercise to remind your subconscious that you (almost definitely) won't die if you go up on that stage.

  • - Reduce nerves and stage fright
  • - Reduce pre-performance anxiety
  • - Reduce overthinking


Think back to a performance in the past where you were also very nervous beforehand. Notice how you feel about it in the present: does it still make you just as nervous? Or are you unaffected?


Return to the present and "zoom out" from today. If it helps, you can visualise a timeline of your life and today's performance as one of several points on that line.


Imagine yourself at different points in the future thinking back to today, and notice how your feelings change:

- Imagine as if it was 1 week "ago". How do you feel about it?
- What about 1 month? 1 year?

Note: The timeframe isn't important; the idea is just to show your subconscious that after your upcoming performance is over your life will continue (i.e. you won't die). This can help short-circuit the fear/anxiety loop and make you feel calmer.

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